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Seat belts save lives. 

In North Dakota, not wearing a seat belt continues to be the number one contributing factor of fatalities resulting from motor vehicle crashes. There may be a million excuses to not buckle up, but none of them will keep you alive.

In 2016, 58% of motor vehicle fatalities in North Dakota were not wearing seat belts.

Seat belts protect you by:

-Keeping you in the vehicle

-Spreading the force of impact over a large area and the strongest part of the body

-Allowing your body to slow down gradually, lessening the impact on internal organs

-Preventing impact with the interior of the vehicle

-Preventing collision with other occupants of the vehicle

-Preventing trauma to the brain and spinal cord caused by sudden change in motion.

What can you do?

-If you don’t buckle up, the consequences can be deadly. Buckle up every time you ride in a vehicle.

-Use your seat belt properly, with the shoulder belt positioned snugly over the center of the chest and the lap belt low over the pelvis, not across the stomach.

-Insist that everyone in your vehicle buckles up.

Buckle up, every trip, every time. Seat belts save lives.

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