Water Board

LaMoure County Water Resource Board

Direct Mail to:

Kerry Ketterling (Chairman)

LaMoure County Water Resource Board

PO Box 128

LaMoure, ND 58458-0128

Members:  Kerry Ketterling, Glenn Haugen, Nathan Nitschke, Bobby Frauenberg, Jason Gross, Kim Radermacher (Legal Counsel), Jan Hamlin & Karin Boom (Co-Secretary/Treasurer).

North Dakota State Water CommissionNorth Dakota Water Laws & Policies

 - Follow the link below to get information on laws and policies regarding North Dakota water issues. For more information regarding, call  (701) 328-4941.


LaMoure County Water Resource Board meeting minutes:

WBM 2022-5-13

WBM 2022-4-27 Special

WBM 2022-3-23

WBM 2022-2-25.pdf

WBM 2022-1-12.pdf

WBM 2021-1-11.pdf

WBM 2020-11-24 Special.pdf

WBM 2020-11-13 Special.pdf

WBM 2020-10-8 Special.pdf

WBM 2020-9-21.pdf

10-08-2020 Agenda.pdf

WBM 2020-8-11 Special.pdf

WBM 2020-7-31 Special.pdf

WBM 2020-6-25.pdf

WBM 2020-4-10 Special.pdf

WBM 2020-3-26 Special.pdf

WBM 2020-2-6.pdf