Snow Plow Path

This system will help you know the path of LaMoure County Snow Removal Equipment.  Please always have a winter survival kit in your vehicle and inform a friend or relative of your proposed route and expected time of arrival.

Usename: lamourepublic

Password: public1

Login to the system using the username and password. Once logged in, the current location of all equipment will be shown on the overview map. To show the equipment paths for that day, select the unit number from the left side of the screen and then click Track Vehicles in the top task bar. This will show that particular piece of equipment's path on the current day. To change the equipment, click the appropriate unit number. Unit numbers are shown below. To look at previous dates, change the beginning and end dates on the task bar directly above the map

Unit Numbers and Descriptions

Unit 11-017 - Plow Truck - Paved Highways (35, 36, 64, 65, 66)

Unit 11-011 - Plow Truck - Paved Highways (34, 35, 62)

Unit 11-012 - Plow Truck - Paved Highways (60, 61, 62)

Unit 12-019 - Motor Grader - South Central Townships

Unit 12-015 - Motor Grader - Southwest Townships

Unit 12-017 - Motor Grader - Southeast Townships

Unit 12-020 - Motor Grader - Northeast Townships

Unit 12-018 - Motor Grader - North Central Townships

Unit 12-016 – Motor Grader – Northwest Townships