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Sanford Monthly Well-Being - Exercise Challenge

Most of us are familiar with the benefits of exercising, but the reality is we do not always have the time or motivation to start an exercise program or get to the gym. The good news is that the best piece of exercise equipment is with us all day long—our own bodies!

The Challenge

Alternate between each exercise listed below for 20-30 seconds at a high intensity. Give yourself a 10 second rest interval. Aim for two to three circuits on three nonconsecutive days each week.

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Walk at Work Day - Friday, May 12thImage title

Sanford Health Plan encourages a walking event during the month of May to promote the benefits of incorporating physical activity into your work day. LaMoure County is encouragin employees to get up and get out and walk at Memorial Park on May 12th.  Help is needed planting trees and this will be a great exercise as well as volunteering to feel better inside and out!

May is Better Sleep Month

Tips To Get Better Sleep:

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    *establish a consistent sleep schedule by sleeping at the same time each day of the week (including weekends).

    *relax before sleeping. Prior to sleep, limit any stimulating activities such as exercise and work. Perform activities that you may find relaxing such as reading.

    *create an optimal sleeping environment. Your place of sleep should be dark, ventilated and of an appropriate temperature. Black out blinds can help seal out light in area. If possible, remove any distractions such as computers and TVs from the room. Ensure your bedding is of adequate quality and there is enough space in the bed if you share the bed with a partner (or a pet!).

    *a healthy lifestyle consisting of exercise and a healthy diet can contribute towards better sleep. Avoid alcohol, nicotine and caffeine close to bed time.

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