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Monthly Well-being Education - Physical Activity during the work day

12 hours is the amount of time the average person spends sitting throughout the day.It can be difficult to find time to incorporate physical activity during the work day. By adding just 5 to 10 minutes of movement a few times throughout the day, you will start to experience the positive benefits listed above. Here are some ways to get your blood flowing throughout the work day that don’t require much time, space, or equipment:

Park farther away and take the stairs when you arrive to work

Use a standing desk and alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day

Take a walking meeting or phone call, instead of sitting in a conference room or at your desk

Do some simple exercises at your desk, such as chair squats, wall push-ups, or lunges

Try doing some desk yoga, which involves simple stretches and poses that can be done at your desk. You can find many videos with examples on YouTube.

Check out for more information, tips, and benefits of physical activity at work.

Employee well-being training

Monthly webinar May 16 at 10 a.m.

During this 15-minute LIVE webinar, join us for a discussion on Physical Activity during the Work Day. Employees who register and attend the live webinar will receive a certificate of completion voucher from Sanford Health Plan for 3,000 points.

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