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Take your LifeScore in 2018

Redeem your wellness points!  Each calendar year, the Dakota Wellness Program requires participants to take a LifeScore (health assessment) to receive any points from the online wellness portal and voucher program.

    1. To get started, visit

    2. Select the Wellness tab from the top

    3. Choose Wellness Portal from the Quick Links

    4. The health assessment is located in the wellness portal, under the Essential Care tab

    If you have been earning points online before taking your LifeScore, you will still be rewarded for your hard work. Don’t forget to visit the redemption center to redeem points you have earned in 2018. Please note, that after taking your LifeScore, it can take up to three days to gain access to the redemption center and for points to be transferred.

Sanford Monthly Well-Being -Socializing for well-being

What is the common denominator to many  of our fondest memories? The presence of others.

We are social by nature, but if we do not put focus on our social well-being, it can start to hinder other areas of our health. To thrive in this dimension, seek positive interactions and quality time with others

Research has shown that we need six hours of socialization each day. Investing in quality time with others can minimize stress and has been shown to reduce memory loss. Don’t worry about adding socialization to your to do list. Social time can be done with family, friends and co-workers and in a variety of ways— in person, on the phone, via text or email. Aim for this time to be positive most of the time and focus on the individual or group fully, without distractions.

News & Updates

Job Opening - Social Services Direct Care Position
Posted on 06-18-2018

County Road 34 Detour - June 11-22nd
Posted on 06-08-2018

Motorcycle Riders: Wear All the Gear, All the Time
Posted on 06-06-2018

LaMoure County Burn Restrictions - 2018
Posted on 05-03-2018

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Water Resource Board Meeting

LaMoure County 4-H Achievement Days
06-26-2018 to 06-29-2018

County Commissioner Meeting

4th of July - Courthouse Closed

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