Monthly Wellness

Monthly Wellness for County Employees 

Monthly Well-being EducationNutrition and physical activity for kids  Physical activity and healthy eating are important for kids of all ages. Physical activity has benefits that stretch beyond physical health; it impacts behavior, cognitive ability and school performance. Nutrition provides fuel for our physical activity. Good nutrition and positive eating experiences help provide a foundation for a healthy relationship with food that will last from childhood through adulthood.

Employee Well-Being Training:  Monthly webinar September 12 at 10 a.m.  During this 15-minute LIVE webinar, join us for a discussion on ways to encourage and foster healthy habits for kids. Employees who register and attend the live webinar will receive a certificate of completion voucher from Sanford Health Plan for 3,000 points.

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Monthly Observances

  • National Suicide Prevention Week: September 10-16
  • Falls Prevention Awareness Week: September 17-23

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