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Sanford Monthly Well-Being - Mindfulness

With growing popularity, mindfulness might seem like one more thing we should be doing in our pursuit of wellness. Fortunately, mindfulness isn’t so much about doing as it is being, but like all things, it takes practice.

Is it for me?

Our culture pulls us in all directions- multi-tasking, smart phones, and stress. So, we end up on auto pilot most of our day. Practicing mindfulness helps us be present and lowers stress hormones. It can be incorporated into our regular activities like walking, working, eating, spending time with others, or even doing the dishes.

Why Practice?

Structured programs, such as breathing techniques, movement (yoga or tai chi), concentration activities, or sitting meditation, show actual changes in our brain structure. These changes result in improved performance, attention, mood, and health.

June is National Safety Month

The Basics: Overview

Staying safe at work is very important. If you don't work in a safe way, you can get hurt or become sick. The good news is that there are things you can do – both at work and at home – to lower your chances of getting hurt. 

Take these steps to prevent injuries at work:

    Lift things safely.

    Arrange your equipment to fit your body.

    Take short breaks and stretch.

    Wear protective equipment.

    Ask about health resources at work.

Your overall health can also affect how you feel and perform at work. To be able to work safely, it's important for you to:

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