Open Burning Guidance

Open Burning Guidance Information 

Residents should review all information prior to burning including knowing the fire danger and any burn restrictions.

The new North Dakota Adjective Fire Danger Model was launched October 26, 2021 and is based on the same approaches taken by the prior map that was produced by the Missoula Fire Lab, so the daily fire danger ratings are heavily dependent on the simulated greenness or curing of native grasses, relative humidity, and wind speeds. Cured, dormant grasses, relative humidity below 25%, and sustained winds of 20 mph or greater will produce the most severe fire danger ratings. Those type of scenarios may cause the new fire danger index to reach the Very High or Extreme category, depending on temperatures and cloud cover, both of which also influence fire behavior. However, when the model simulates extensive greenness in grasses, then the daily fire danger index will be generally be in the Low, Moderate, or High Category, even with low relative humidity and strong winds, since the green component of grasses will tend to reduce fire behavior.