School Nursing

The LaMoure County Health Department provides school nursing to LaMoure County schools. Nurses are in the schools a minimum of 1-2 times per month and more often as needed to complete school nursing services.

School Nursing services provided to LaMoure County schools include:   

  •     Nursing Assessments
  •     Health Screenings – vision
  •     Consultations with staff, students and parents
  •     Health Education for staff, students and parents
  •     Guidance in managing communicable disease concerns
  •     Immunization review and recommendations
  •     School based immunization clinics and school based shots
  •     Referrals

If your child is in need of vaccinations and you wish for them to receive the vaccination at the school, please fill out the VAR and return to our office or your school secretary.

Below is a link for the Vaccine Administration Record